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Painter of the jungle. Painter of the Amazonian rainforest, painter of ayahuasca - all these terms were coined for the Czech artist Otto Placht. He has been labelled like this since the 1990s. If these labels had not been true, one could think of them at times as abuse clichés of reviewers and art critics. But there is much more to Otto Placht. It is very hard to describe him in one word or to put him into one comfortable -ism box. He is an ardent individualist who  has been following his path since the days of his studies. His life story can be viewed from many angles.  The most common interpretation is the one that points out the novel-like features of his story and brings back to life the ever present romantic and cultural myth of the artist fleeing the civilized world for the arms of virgin Nature. Myth of the flight to insecurity merge with surprise, adventure and experience, be in on the level of personal  reflection or in broader terms of the encounter with a different environment and culture.

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