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Since the mid-1990s Placht had been preoccupied with the idea of project that would combine living indigenous traditions; vast knowledge of Amazonian nature shared by generations of people and applied in everyday life; the world of myths and legend and, also, the world and cultural input of western civilization. Naturally, one of the major themes was to bring attention to the fast going, insensitive deforestation process.

Amazeon raft was designed  as a kind of spiritual, artistic and activist center with a multicultural mission: ''On the more general scale Amazeon is the gate to the ecosystem of the rainforest and all its layers, including the spiritual one. In this respect the project is not limited in any way; it includes all inhabitants (living entities) of this environment. At the some time, it should serve as a gathering place, as a place for meeting people from various parts of the world, who care salvation of this unique biosphere.''

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